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Mat Pilates session, Bangalore

She actually has a proper photoshoot scheduled for her studio, so we decided to do a couple of test shots over the weekend.

Mat Pilates


Tzaara's headshot



Agfa Click3

Found this really old Agfa Click3 black & white film camera in the garage :)

Agfa click3 Black & White Film camera

Vacation Time

You know you are on vacation when you are shooting flowers, trinkets, pens etc..haha. Was out for a two week break which included a lot of Squash, a trip to Mumbai and a 1200 km drive from Bangalore to Maharashtra with two friends and a dog. As always, when you go home, you spend a lot of time going through old trinkets and stuff that lie around :)

Vintage Pen


Green leaves


J's Photographs

Joeys Portrait

Ankita portraits

Ankita 8 year old portraits

Nikita's Photoshoot

Nikitas photographs

Nikita's outdoor Photograph

Portraits G&J, Bangalore

Always fun to do a quick portrait session especially when it involves a 2 month old pup. The session was entertaining but this chap was all over the place. :)

Gautam and Js portrait session

Gautam and Js portrait session

Maximus, Pet Photographs

Had this little chap staying over at my place for 2 days :) Getting him to stay still for a few seconds was almost next to impossible, but somehow did manage to get a few photographs.

Golden retriever, Max

Max headshot

Ankita, San Francisco

N's Portrait

Nikitas photo

Kids photography

Shanker and Ankita, US

Shankar and Ankita

Ankita and Nikita, San Francisco

Nikitas photo

Kids photography

Caperberry, Dickenson Road, Bangalore

So went this weekend for lunch to Caperberry on Dickenson Road, Bangalore. We always passed the place, but never really got to try it out in the past. The place had some great reviews and it was a close friends anniversary, so we decided to go there. The location is decent.

Diwali Greetings

Diwali Greetings

Joey & Karuna

So we decided to head out of Bangalore for the weekend to a resort to spend a day. It turned out pretty good, Got to play a lot of squash, table tennis, Badminton, just hang out at the golf course and also swim, not to mention a lot of food and time to just chill with friends. A good chance to take some decent photographs too! :)


Lifestyle photos

San Francisco

This was taken during one of my trips to San Francisco. Just love the way the cities are designed and developed. The whole place looks beautiful.

Chocolate Walnut Cake, Bangalore

Today's snack! :)

Walnut chocolate cake

Ankita, Bangalore

Home, Texas

Doors and Colors!


Had an amazing session with Anindita, Pradeep and their little one. We did initially discuss if we should do this shoot outdoors or in an indoor studio'ish setting and decided on the later. The photographs turned out great. One of the advantages of shooting indoors is that you have fewer distractions, since there are fewer people around, one is a little less consious and then you have the freedom to choose and play around with colors and combinations when it comes to clothes.

Abstract fine art photography

Vacation Time

Home for a two week break. Always great to spend time with family. Time to refresh and recharge those batteries.

G and K's Portrait

G and J's Portrait

San Francisco

Ankita's Portrait

A and N's Portraits, San Francisco


Navtej Portrait

Navtej Headshot

Marriott Hotel

Marriott Bedroom photographs

Marriott Sitting area

Marriott, India

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